Quite frankly, we’ve never met someone who doesn’t love snacks. Snacks can be enjoyed in all of life’s situations: on your way home from work, getting through an afternoon lull, while enjoying a drink at a friend’s party, or simply sitting on a park bench in the warm sun.

And our snacks are not just any snacks. They’re unique because we’ve put an immense amount of time, thought and care in crafting each and every one. Our recipes – starting with family snacking heirlooms, our favorite blogs and classic cookbooks – went through an extensive process of modifying, adapting, and of course, lots and lots of tasting. The final innovations are a new breed of traditional snacks that highlight our love of unique flavor combinations and the highest quality ingredients.

You’ll find our handcrafted snacks enclosed in clear cellophane bags that are both transparent and inviting…what you see is what you get! Simple, straight-forward and delicious. We’ve even packaged each product in small, snack-sized portions, to promote guilt-free indulgence. And Martin VanBuren’s sly grin adorns the front of each package – because snacking is, after all, mischievous, delightful and presidentially grand.