Today we’ve got an amazing example of #socialsnacking. Our friend Linda has always been the “hostess with the mostess,” regularly hosting friends and family in her home. We were delighted to hear that no matter who the guests are, Kinderhook Snacks are always invited.

Full disclosure: Linda and Marty King first met Kinderhook’s co-founders when Katie and Marie moved in a few doors down from where they lived. Linda and Marty were planning a housewarming party themselves when they found out about the business their new neighbors had started. “We placed an order of the Triple Gingers and Chocolate Chili Cookies and they were the hit of the party. What really worked well was the size of the cookies. Which is perfect for a couple of bites. At the end of the evening, people were wrapping them up in napkins to take home (the few that were left).”

From then on, the snacks became a recurring theme in Linda and Marty’s lives. “Since we’ve become customers of Kinderhook, I tell everyone about their product and their story and pass their information on to all. Marty and I entertain quite a bit and I know we can always have a great finish to the evening with Kinderhook cookies. The problem is not eating them until the party. If we’re having a smaller dinner party, I’ll pick up a couple of bags of cookies and served them with gelato, or fruit or just on their own and it’s the perfect amount of goodness.”

Going to Linda and Marty’s parties is a sure way to find Kinderhook Snacks, but it’s not the only way their friends end up with cookies in their hands. “My go to for “gifts” is usually the salty snacks. Anyone can bring a bottle of wine to a dinner or a party, but the nuts are always a hit. Sometimes I’ll take a bag of cookies (and they’re usually put out right away so I get my snack on as well). They’re great for holidays, showers, parties, or anytime you need to bring something, they’re my perfect go-to. And, I know the quality is always going to be great.”

Recently, Linda helped Kinderhook Snacks go beyond the normal social circuit. “A dear friend went to Peru over the summer with a group of students to work on a school deep in the jungle. They were each to bring something to their host families, something local. Jim took Kinderhook Snacks, and while there was somewhat of a language barrier, no words were necessary from the looks on their faces when they ate them.” Transcendent snacks. Now that is what it’s all about!


Are you hosting this holiday season? Do you need something sweet (or savory) to bring with you when you get together with family and friends? Do you need snacks for an international adventure? Kinderhook Snacks has got your back. Are you into #socialsnacking? Tell us – we’re excited to find out #howdoyousnack!