Whether it’s a long day (or a long week for that matter), your office holiday party, or time to send cheer to colleagues and clients, Kinderhook Snacks can help you sweeten the deal. From event catering to client gifts, we provide delicious snacks that will let your colleagues know how special they are.

Speaking of sharing fond feelings, Sara Kropf talked to us recently about her experience of sharing snacks with her clients. Since Sara was sending snacks all across the country, she wanted something local and memorable. “They are easy to share, plus they taste good,” she told us, adding that she appreciated how easy they were to order and that they each separate gift came with a handwritten gift card.

Beyond helping people get in the holiday snacking spirit in December and January, we offer delicious catering options year round in a full spectrum of flavors. Catherine Sontag, from the digital tech journal Technically, has been ordering snacks for Technically’s biggest annual event in our city, Baltimore Innovation Week, for three years now. Like most of our snackers, Catherine knows that once you start [snacking], it’s practically impossible not to come back for more. “Personally, I love the Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies. I know my colleagues really like the baked Cheese Stamps. But the shortbread cookies are also delicious and the option to personalize is really a plus!​”

Shane Prada is also into the business snacking. “I buy Kinderhook as often as I can for the nonprofit that I direct, the Baltimore Jewelry Center. I love sharing handmade local snacks with the BJC community, a group of folks that values handmade items.” In addition to appreciating that our snacks handcrafted (something we’re very proud of and committed to), Shane emphasized how important it was that we were a local company. “Knowing that the snacks were made nearby by bakers who I might actually meet is very compelling. And it also guaranteed that the products would be much fresher.”

Marissa Tucker over at OrderUp also chimed in with her experience. OrderUp has a business subscription and gets a full order of specialty snacks delivered right to their office each week. “Everyone gets excited and we all share the experience. The kitchen is filled with people eating and talking when the snacks come in.” We are glad to be such an exciting- and delicious- part of their day.

There are so many ways to incorporate our snacks into your professional world. Do you need something delicious for all those upcoming office parties? Looking for a special way to show appreciation for your coworkers and clients? As you prepare for the holiday season, let us help! Get in touch today to surprise colleagues with something sweet (or savory), inquire about our catering options, or bring your office mates together with a business snacking subscription.10831944_808018279241898_755635921_nholiday snack pack

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