We have quite the special for you on this fine CYBER MONDAY.

When you share snacks with your loved ones through our online snack shop, we will share snacks with you. TRANSLATION: send snacks to someone and we will send snacks to you.

You’ll receive a sampler box of our Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies, Spiced Orange Oat Cookies, and Spicy + Smokey Mixed Nuts with any purchase. just enter the code: sharesnacksgetsnacks at checkout. TODAY AND TOMORROW ONLY.

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And in this sharing spirit, we wanted to share another beautiful snacking story with you – from the dearest Annette Fallon.


#Howdoyousnack: Let us count the ways!

When we heard from Annette, she was actually eating one of our cookies right then. We thought it was the perfect time to find out a little bit more about what she loves about our snacks. (Editor’s note on synchronicity: as we took to the keyboard later on, we were snacking on our cheese stamps).

After discovering our snacks at the Union Graze Farmer’s Market, Annette was totally hooked. Learning that we were a local company, Annette was thrilled to actually meet Katie and Marie and know the people who were making the cookies. “It was a big draw that [you] were so caring and energetic when we met. And I knew that the money I spent was going back to a locally run business.” Not only did Annette appreciate the ability to get to know us as individuals, she has taken full advantage of the fact that we’re local by picking up customized snacks whenever she needs them.

Turns out, Annette needs a lot of snacks. “I have used Kinderhook for a variety of events and for many gifts, both at my job and in my personal life. [Two years ago when we got married] my husband and I wanted our wedding to reflect all that we love about Baltimore so Kinderhook had to be included. Everyone at the wedding raved about the snacks. Even now, friends and family still bring up how yummy the snacks were at the wedding and how delicious the cookies are.”

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Since she included our Cheese Stamps, Spicy & Smoky Mixed Nuts, and Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies in her wedding, Annette has continued to share our sweet and savory specialties with everyone around her. “[They’re] the best! I have given them to my co-workers, family and friends. I also gave a Kinderhook t-shirt to a friend for Christmas out in California (where my family lives) because he loves the company and the snacks so much. At my job, Baltimore Lab School, we have subscribed to the business snacking service and we have purchased the cookies and snacks for fundraisers, lectures, professional development events, and more. They are always a hit and the first food to go!”

There are so many ways to snack – professionally, personally, socially… So go ahead and get in touch – we want to know: #howdoyousnack?

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