Mary-Margaret Stepanian first learned about our snacks last spring at Emporiyum, a weekend long celebration of food that brings together the best local Mid-Atlantic vendors as well as top national chefs, artisans, and producers from all over the country. “While I nibbled on many locally produced snacks, Kinderhook’s offerings stopped me in my tracks. Plus, the logo and name were intriguing so I just knew that the flavors would be too.”


While we attend this year’s Emporiyum in Washington DC this weekend (November 14-15), we’ll be thinking about how lucky we are to have found a customer as loyal and creative as Mary-Margaret has been since she first discovered our snacks.

“Kinderhook is my go-to for so many occasions. In my role as the Baltimore Museum of Art’s Marketing Manager, I turned to Cheese Stamps and Spicy and Smoky Mixed Nuts as snacks for informal focus groups, cocktail receptions, and as noshes for visiting media representatives.” Not only does Mary-Margaret pick up snacks for professional use, she gets them for family and friends, too! “Personally, I stock up for out-of-town guest “welcome” bags as well as for my pop’s annual Father’s Day charcuterie spread as he watches golf and sips on single malt scotch.”

Even though she’s already bought snacks for a variety of occasions, that doesn’t mean she isn’t coming up with new ways to share them.  “I want to try the Orange Tarragon Almonds for a Thanksgiving cheese board—seems like the right infusion of herb & fruit to pair with a sharp cheese.”

Hearing stories from snackers like Mary-Margaret is what keeps us going – both the quiet, indulgent moments and the times when snacks are shared abundantly with friends and loved ones (sharing snacks is how we started, after all).
What’s your snacking story? Share it with us at or online with the hashtag #howdoyousnack.