We came up with so many fun rewards for our Kickstarter campaign, like funny fridge magnets and art cards, even snack sampler boxes. But our absolutely favorite one is the Legendary Snacker – you can INVENT your very own snack for a $500 donation.

We’ll work with you to create a snack using your favorite flavors, put a new twist on your old favorite, or use your name as inspiration for the naming of the snack! You’ll receive samples of your snack creation right on your doorstep and it’ll be featured at a Baltimore area farmers market. Pretty fantastic, huh?

Donate today and we’ll start brainstorming your very own snack!     http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/349088423/re-imagine-snacking-with-kinderhook

Last spring, we invented snacks for some very generous supporters. Patty Cakes were the first – a delicious, moist coconut cake dipped in chocolate with a thin layer of jam in the middle. Next, we created Wise Crackers for a funny gentlemen who enjoyed a white cheddar cheese cracker loaded with roasted jalapenos and cumin. Lease’s cups were our last invention, combining his love for chocolate, peanut butter and thai food. Just imagine what we can come up with your favorites!thai peanut butter cupswise crackers

Patty Cakes