Its January. And Kinderhook Snacks is in Baltimore Magazine’s January issue – can you believe it?  We hardly can! Maybe its because of how wildly busy the holidays were due to all the ravenous snackers in Baltimore (p.s. we love you). Maybe its because this year has generally been a snack-filled whirlwind. Either way, we could not be happier or more excited for the year to come.

We wanted to take some time to say THANK YOU to all of our supporters. We simply could not be where we are today without you. For you, we made our most special Brown Sugar Sesame Shortbread Sandwich cookies with smooth dark chocolate in the middle and flaky Maldon salt on top.

Thanks to the amazing stores in Baltimore that wholeheartedly support locally made products, including Kinderhook Snacks! Green Onion, Fleet Street, Milk and Honey, Chesapeake Wine Company, 2910 and Trohv.

Thanks to Eric Rohter, who developed our branding and website. You are amazing.

Thanks to Chris Moore and Evan Merkel, who are working on an incredible new video for our website! Coming soon!

Thanks to our friends and family who have mentored us, helped us during crunch time and through all-night baking sessions.

And, of course, thanks to all you snackers! We hope to continue providing you with delicious and intriguing snacks for years to come. Let us know if there is a special new snack you’d like to see this year. We are planning for lots of expansion, including our very own kitchen space, so keep on snacking!

Thank you, again.


love, katie and marie